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Here at Mubu our aim is to bring  panache, with a touch of reality and dexterity to our Clients Hairstyles . Foremost in our minds is to provide our Clients the ability to care with the up-most simplicity the maintenance of  our styling after they leave the salon.


With thirty years of experience in our field bringing knowledge from London and Italy . We continue to strive for perfection by updating our knowledge by attendingadvanced courses.
We believe that the desire to improve and gain updated skills is the key to a successful hairdresser.
Mubu is a unique place to visit, Friendly, Professional and fun. Listening to our clients is our main objective so if something is not to your liking we would appreciate you tell us before you tell everyone not concerned.
We believe that every stylist and trainee will aim to be  the best never holding them back and encouraging creativity.
Abby and Lucy are the Senior Stylists and Megan is our junior training with us from Loughborough College.